RDS Fishes

Posted April 1st, 2012 by Suzy

When the AAV? s had been questioned on as to carry through these activities of EA in its communities, (graphical 03) 50% had affirmed that the main strategy will consist of the accomplishment of meetings with the communitarian ones. This plan of work was elaborated during the workshops of qualification and credenciamento of the AAV? s, and the accomplishment of ambient mutires had been enclosed. These mutires are permanent and aim at to carry through action of ambient education, protection, monitoring and of fiscalization with the direct support of the communities. RESULTS As considered by the program, the AAV? s of the RDS Piagau Purus had been carrying through lectures (garbage, fishes, hunting, wood, the importance of the reserve, sanitation and ambient education) in its communities and action of protection of lakes for the control of fishes illegal. During the monitoramento it was possible to observe that many AAV? s had carried through the activities foreseen in the work plan. With the implantation of program AAV, with the communities they had together gotten the following ones resulted: Retention of material of fishes illegal in the lake of the Jerico, with the participation of the community and the contribution of Military Policia, of the city of Beruri; Contributions in meetings in the communities of the south sector of the UC, approaching the paper of the AAV and its action foreseen for the program; Control of the fished one in the lake of the community of the Itapuru, as request of the community; The AAV? s organizes and monitors the fulfilment of the use rules and handling of it fishes in in agreement RDS the rules established by the community; The Agent program Ambient Volunteer in the RDS Piagau Purus was implemented with support of Program ARPA/MMA. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCES CERDEIRA, Regina; SOUZA, Kelly; BENTES, Mrcio. Report of the Meetings of Sensilizao. State center of Units of Conservao/CEUC? State secretary of Environment and Development Sustentvel/SDS, Manaus, AM, 2009.

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