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Posted November 2nd, 2011 by Suzy

Competition forces business to move toward mobility, and therefore the company plans to introduce mobile applications into the mainstream of business. Here are two key findings in a recent large-scale study conducted by Nokia and the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) in cooperation with the CIO Forum. As soon as business mobility continues to evolve in organizations and more advanced applications and processes are becoming more mobile, motivating companies to introduction of mobile technology can range from the significant benefits in terms of return on investment opportunities to stimulate valuable employees. Many prefer this plan of Nokia, to be exact nokia online store more and more companies are adopting mobility solutions, enabling increased collaboration, respond more quickly to customer needs, maintain a balance between professional and personal life staff, and fundamentally change the business life of the people. This helps them shop online phone nokiablagodorya which business people can buy a mobile phone nokiabystree while preserving your precious time. Nokia and EIU surveyed 500 executives around the world in various industries to find out how their organizations are using business mobility.

According to the survey, three quarters of the respondents emphasized the human factors such as attracting the best talent, including novice staff, improved customer support and improve the reputation of brands – that are the main reasons for deploying business mobility. Business Mobility has become a common trend. Over a third of executives reported that at least 20% of their employees can be considered 'mobile workers', ie, spend at least one day a week outside the office. Business mobility is not is the need for a selected technology firms, it is now perceived as widely applicable companies in many industries. Allowing decisions on the go, mobile business solutions provide organizations to respond faster to customer needs.

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