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Posted March 19th, 2015 by Suzy

Edson Silva Day of these, following substances on floods in the region of Campinas, called me attention, enters as many interviews with people who had had furniture, foods and dreams destroyed for the enormous amounts of waters that have fallen down this way says, it of a woman, inhabitant in Sumar, one of the many reached cities. The young lady told for the reporter of the TV that lost everything with floods, also the job. The reporter asked because the job, perhaps imagining that the woman worked in the proper region or another flooded area, but the victim of the full ones said to have been dismissed because its ' ' patro' ' she did not want to know of its problems and she did not admit exactly that it lacked, for reason so justified. She is until difficult believing that somebody, in the case ' ' patro' ' of the woman, it can act thus, but as we are accustomed to see in the news articles on floods or other tragedies, that some people need to be watching its houses to prevent booties, we go to doubt more than what!? The suggestion of heading of this article left of one of my brothers, oldest, the Euclides, to define the attitude of this ' ' patro' ' specifically. Still well that the majority of the people is solidary in the tragedies, but the human being could be solidary always and thus to brighten up sufferings ours of each day. In Sumar, we see efforts of the Public Power, with public officers of the Civil Defense, firemen, guards, social assistance, health, workmanships, regional and of as many sectors, that allies the solidarity of religious clubs, entrepreneurs, traders and inhabitants in general have helped to brighten up the situation, with donations, orientation on health and cleanness, at last with understanding and affection with the victims. I lock up this article with the phrase of the German philosopher Bertold Brechet: ' ' Of the river that everything drags if it says that he is violent but nobody says violent the edges that oprimem' ' , but I add that thanks to God the hearts are as much that overflow solidarity, even so, unhappyly, some hearts exist, as of ' ' patro' ' of the interview of the TV, oppressed for the egoism and the foolishness. Edson Silva, 49 years, journalist of the Assessorship of the Press of the City hall of Sumar edsonsilvajornalista@

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