Protection Tank

Posted February 4th, 2012 by Suzy

The most accessible and therefore more common type of individual sewage system after using the toilet with a septic pit latrine – sealed tank or a cascade of 2 or more interconnected tanks isolated collection and retention of effluent and solid waste for a long time for which it is assumed that some of the waste peregniet from the natural activity of natural putrefactive microflora, breeding deep in fecal matter in the absence of air (oxygen). Acting on the principle of upholding the mechanical and natural peregnivaniya waste, septic tank provides a low the degree of waste and water treatment, and therefore its operation is connected with the periodic appearance of having to call Sewage disposal trucks to pump out the accumulated waste from the bottom of the septic tank and siltation drainage system, the loss of the capacity of drainage, intense flavors and formation of reactive gases. Addressing the natural biological disposal of feces suggested scientists, microbiologists. Soil contains millions of cells in a variety of species of living organisms (bacteria, fungi, molds, aktenomitsety, yeast), for which the fallen leaves, dead plants are vital sources of energy. Thanks to the activity of these organisms are self-cleaning and self-healing ecosystems – the so-called cycling of matter in nature. Human activities are having on the environment is so intense impact that natural processes of self-cleaning and self-healing is difficult to cope with the amount of pollution and as a result of contamination in areas of intensive disappear, many species of beneficial microorganisms involved in self-cleaning nature and in their place are developed putrid, potentially dangerous, and pathogens.

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