Professors Pensioners

Posted April 1st, 2012 by Suzy

As in the case of any beneficient institution, the Asylum counts to remain itself with the aid of volunteers. Between them they are an association of Professors Pensioners of the local city. For the development of the project, three stages had been carried through: a comment that delimited excellent aspects of the reality of the institution, later a survey of information according to necessities and measures to be applied e, finally, the interventivo process properly said. Weekly meeting to Saturdays had been carried through, in daylights, totalizing 11 meeting. In the first meeting, as a first moment we make contact with the functioning of the institution and its inhabitants with the objective to know the history of each aged one, and to present our work as psychology trainees. We were presented for each inhabitant for the nurse head of the institution, in order to perceive jointly in the practical one and with the group of aged the dimension of the work of the psychologist in the area of the public health, and to understand the possibilities for the work. We know that the work of the psychologist is not based on the modification of the biological condition or social conditions, but if it bases on the expectation of internal changes that allow to live better what if it presents as conflict as well as dealing with new possibilities that if disclose.

(LOPES, BARBIERI, GAMBALE, 2009) In this first contact we can say that we were received from acolhedora form, however, with certain distance and resistance. We harvest data as the familiar age, profession, affective bonds, observe the capacity of communication, signals of depression etc. In as a meeting in them we approach a little more, in order to know on the history of life of the aged ones and to understand what they feel regarding the institutionalization.

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