Prestigious Advertising

Posted November 5th, 2015 by Suzy

This may be slogans, in which stated lofty goals of the firm, as in the famous phrase: 'We're good in life' (General Elestris. 'better life' (Philips), 'The Future gets a reality' (Goldstar); 'You have to live playfully' (Moulinex) 'Money – a means, the goal – creation '(All-Russia Exchange Bank). Another possible solution – to create associative connection firm and timely manner consonant with the events known characters, universal values. In this case, the general mood of advertising should be positive, and advertising methods – to maintain a sense of relevance and solidity of the firm. Please be aware that emotional advertising is transferred from the plot to the advertised item. In this vein, built Prestigious ad bank 'Imperial'. Plays an important role in its tagline – 'History of the World Bank' Imperial ', with which it is possible to create a stronger association between advertising content and the company itself. Was on Television prestigious advertising banka'Slavyansky '.

News of the affected subject and an interesting artistically, she, however, does not fulfill its own promotional objectives. The general mood of advertising – a dark and tragic (the scene of arrest in one clip the soldiers who were being taken to – in the other) Also, in the absence of connective phrases – slogans bank logo in the corner of the screen looks out of place. A third possible way of finding a slogan for a prestigious advertising – about a high professional level of the firm, the quality of its products and services.

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