Positive Workforce

Posted February 3rd, 2017 by Suzy

To engage itself in the world of the work in its positive aspects, represents security, independence and personal accomplishment. The remunerated work offers to the woman the possibility to evolve in such a way in how much individual the social sphere. Of certain form, the access of the woman in ‘ ‘ world masculino’ ‘ as the remunerated work, the professional choice and the field of the politics something remote in the society was them the Thirties. Its education was associated, over all, to its condition of mother, in other terms, its education, as condition of education of the proper family. As You swim: The work notion did not become related nor to the exercise of some remunerated activity and nor related to the choice of any professional field. Exactly the professionalization? accepted? for the social standards – the teaching-not the age for the woman of bourgeois origin and yes for those proceeding ones from originary empobrecidos sectors of the bourgeoisie or of the average layers. (1991, pg.29) In the decade of 1930, the figure of the woman was total come back, toward the construction of the familiar rules, as much that is truth that the defenders of a new standard of feminine behavior, they had happened its you criticize on that argued that the woman would have to insert itself in the world of the work, to breach with the mooring cable of the present machismo in the nuclear families. It is evident in documents organized by the Getulio foundation Vargas, where Tobias Barreto (1926), in its studies on the feminism, the author detaches: Cheap data that the only feminine mission was to have children and of living to the side of the man, has for happiness some incompatibility between this noble mission and a superior degree of culture? So simple it is the wife paper and mother, who excuses the intellectual light, or until repels it as disturbing of the success I domesticate? It will be also a providencial law that the scholar, how much married, she does not have a woman, with who talks, nor for understood it.

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