Portugese Crown

Posted October 19th, 2016 by Suzy

Peter I, pressured for the Portuguese Crown, started to open a series of concessions that could harm the Brazilians and the Periodical of the Commercio, that if consolidated since then as an extremely nationalistic vehicle with traces. Returning to France after the change from the regimen (French Revolution), he succeeded in the direction of the periodical the Frenchmen Junius Villeneuve, Francisco Picot and Julio de Villeneuve, remaining itself in the command up to 1890. At this time the Periodical of the Commercio was landmark for the weight of its collaborators as Justiniano Jose of the Rock, Jose Maria Da Silva Paranhos, visconde of the Rio Branco, Carlos de Laet, Francisco Octaviano, Jose de Alencar, Man of Mello, Joaquin Nabuco and Guerra Junqueiro, among others intellectual. According to history of the periodic one, proper Peter II arrived to write under pseudonym, being influenced its editorials to the point to cause the fall of some ministers of the time. For the detached body of collaborators, the Periodical of the Commercio played an important role for the foundation of the Brazilian Academy of Letters, established in 20 of July of 1897, under the command of Axe of Assis. It enters the years of 1890 and 1915, now under the direction of Jose Carlos Rodrigueses, responsible for great transformations in the periodic one, the printed matter counted on well-known writers as Rui Barbosa and its publication of the famous Letters of England (the Dreyfus case), counting still on the writings of Jose Verssimo, Visconde de Taunay, Alcindo Guanabara, Araripe Jnior, Alfonso Celso among others notables of its time. In this period, the publishing one was commanded for Jose Maria Da Silva Paranhos (son), the famous Baron of the Rio Branco.

Rodrigues was substituted by Antonio Botelho Pear tree, under commands of writing in the baton of Flix Pacheco that, in 1923, would assume the direction and the property of the company, responsible for the organization of the historical quantity of the printed matter. Felix Pacheco was a well-known man of knowing, was Senator, Member of the Brazilian Academy of Letters Minister of the foreign affairs in the government of then president Arthur Bernardes. After its death (1935), the direction of the Periodical of the Commercio passed to Elmano Cardim that was in the command up to 1957. It enters the years of 1957 and 1959, the Periodical of the Commercio was Francisco Clementino de San Tiago Dantas, then president of International the Legal Commission and university professor of Civil law of the National College of Right. Of 1959, veteranssimo periodical started to integrate the group of them integrates the Daily Associates, organization established for Francisco de Assis Chateaubriand Flag of Mello, deceased in 1968. The weight names had continued to preside over and to command the periodic one, of 1982 up to 1993 were presided over by immortal and journalist Austregsilo de Athayde, former-president of the Brazilian Academy of Letters and one of the editors of the Universal Declaration of the Rights of the Man. Later, the presidency passed to Ibanor Tartarotti. In the current days, the periodical has as president Mauricio Dinepi.

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