Portugal Region

Posted July 7th, 2020 by Suzy

The historical conjuncture: the principle Breaking itself of the historical estimated one of the Amazonian territorial occupation is important to stand out the colonial yearnings and the geographic influence that had determined the interest of the two bigger powers of the colonial time, Portugal and Spain, on the territory. In Gadelha (2002) it is possible to notice the geographic determinismo in the event of the occupation. For the author, the Portuguese crown was benefited of extremely vast a hidrogrfica basin, with rivers of great volume and of easy navigation. On the other hand, Spain inherited the Andean mountainous chain and also the silver of the Potosi, even so the region dominated for the Spaniard was a little more inhospitable than the Portuguese, had exactly not revealed insatisfao, for obvious reasons. People such as health organizations would likely agree. Still according to Gadelha (2002), the occupation of the region represented appeared one (…) amalgam of those mamelucos that had tamed the sertes of the Maranho, waters and the forests of Grain-Par, that is, the Amaznia. (GADELHA, 2002). They had been responsible them for the penetration of the luso-Brazilians in the region of Grain-Par, arriving the Belm and hindering> (…) had constituted the root of the familiar ancestries of Brazil (GADELHA, 2002).

The proximity with aboriginal peoples as tupi, j, aruak, transformed them into brothers-in-law, determinative allies, servants and soldiers for the conquest and defense of the territory. (…) essaconquista was over all resulted of the intense mestization that integrated the Portuguese in Brazil, transforming them into mamelucos and in mestizos. (GADELHA, 2002), facilitating the adaptation of the Portuguese to the hostile territory. However, the territory still would be threatened by covets French, that it counted on the support of tupinambs, the Portuguese government with the objective to brake this advance nominated Alexander Moura commander of the conquest and granted to the heading of captain-mor of the Maranho the Hieronymite of Albuquerque and the Francisco Boiler of Castello Branco of captain-mor of Grain-Par with> responsibility to accomplish the Portuguese conquest in the region.

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