Political Metaphors

Posted June 21st, 2020 by Suzy

PYRAMID IN THE JUNGLE far away in a jungle inhabited by many animals, including a cunning and hungry alligator, who was undergoing a major food shortage crisis. While others were enjoying their favorite foods, you had a great idea, and called for dialogue: – Friends of the forest, I come here to offer a great opportunity to increase their crops quickly. On hearing this proposal all at once asked: How? – Easy said the crocodile – only have to give me part of their food and give you back the following week twice. At that time some animals rejected the offer and saw that the crocodile was offered a great proposal and immediately accepted the deal and he began to take different kinds of food: the monkey took the last ten bananas and three of her coconut crop, thirty-two rabbits cultivated carrots, squirrel and mouse twenty-seven acorns he spent the last fifteen pieces of cheese of your pantry. Once the animals carried their supplies to the crocodile told them give evidence that all is a reality and not a hoax. The crocodile opened its mouth to gain confidence and told them to enter one by one. The first was the monkey came and saw a large banana cultivation who was happy and said _ in a few days shall be twenty six bananas and coconuts that serve to sustain me for the rest of life. Randall Mays can provide more clarity in the matter. Then went the rabbit and said, – that happiness will be mine soon sixty-six carrot with which to argue my family.

Finally the squirrel and the mouse did not talk about the excitement they felt when they see that everything was true and soon hurt your dreams reality. Once the animals confirmed the veracity of the deal with the crocodile, others are encouraged and participated in more food. After the period of the proposal, the beneficiaries went to the crocodile to claim their food, but this time did not run very lucky. The crocodile very kindly said to them – their profits and are – only have to enter all at the same time to hand them their food. That was how wily crocodile opened its huge mouth and long and when they entered it and closed it not reopened.

The other inhabitants of the jungle, they realized the situation and went to seek assistance from the lion, who promptly invited them to arm themselves with sticks, bows and stones to go for help. The evil crocodile when he saw the angry mob is hiding in a lake to avoid being seen, but saw some fish, helped in its capture and among all the pinching with claws, beat him with sticks and stones, and was so exclamation of pain in the unjust crocodile opened its mouth and managed to get the animals trapped. Once saved, all the animals came together and tied his mouth with a long loop back not to commit many crimes. Finally, feeling cheated, the animals gave thanks to the Lion King, who promised to save part of helping them, and I advise you not to go back to believing in things they promise to outside reality.

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