Podnavisla Enemy

Posted August 22nd, 2016 by Suzy

Arshaluys the summer of 1942, capturing almost the entire territory of the Kuban, the Germans decided to take the last of the Caucasus towards revenge – from fighting to break through to the Black Sea coast, is opening access to strategic raw materials – oil, to ports of Novorossiysk and Tuapse. This direction of Hitler considered one of the most important in the North Caucasus. The Nazis decided to put the brunt of the Hot Key. Breaking to the gorge Wolf Gate, enemy forces were the opportunity to go to the rear of our troops in the area of Tuapse. The share of soldiers and officers of the 30th Division, Irkutsk, under Colonel BN Arshintseva dropped one of the most important tasks – at all costs to block the approaches to Bald Mountain and the gate and, thus, did not let the enemy to rail Maikop – Tuapse.

For Mount Lantern, the dominant of the two valleys, especially fought desperately. Everything was plowed by bombs and artillery shells. Here, at the black spot, confront the enemy regiment Major Kovalenko. In the dense smoke, flame of fire in the forest, under the all-consuming fire of the enemy regiment fearless few days heroically fought off the furious attacks of the Nazis, not retreating a step. Not far from the cliff Podnavisla, in the hamlet of five houses, many children lived Armenian family Hanzhiyan. When in these places the fighting began, the eldest sons have fought in the Great Patriotic, and the rest went to the guerrillas.

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