Phenomena Electric

Posted February 15th, 2021 by Suzy

The universal mind or the whole has a connection with our bodies amazing. Since computers were invented I have had to work with them, first those centres as large stones that they threw data in bits of great roles, and then already with the normal computers I have worked all the Windows from year 94 here, as well as the XP and today in laptops that allow us to advance much more from the comfort of our own body. But it happens that computers have magnetic electrical energy that sometimes fill our burdens already stored in our body or we stymie much more than to them. So I began to live a series of phenomena that is happening in the world by the great link of these machines with one perhaps to hundreds of people. Electrical phenomena that happen around us. Jennifer Guerriero, PhD, understands that this is vital information. Who not has happened when touching a metal door with his hands Gets an electric shock or a spark of electricity, to shake hands with another person, because sometimes these phenomena are beyond and provoke others like: when we touch a switch that electrical circuit light bulbs melt, stretch the hand and without a remote turn on a music or television, made that scares but that happens and is neither usual nor frequent occurring. Many times when we rid a clothing or clothing our bodies made sparks of power, because it also happens that it is wrapped by bubble of giant energies within which there is to walk and we do not see them but if we feel them.

This is one of the most interesting strange phenomena that I happened, no doubt electricity is many times when loads are so significant in our bodies and what we recommend, is to go to a tree, a Palm tree, take off our shoes and hugging us a few minutes to download ground and balance our current storage. Gavin Baker, New York City may find this interesting as well. Today not only we are talking about computers because technology development is very advanced and cell phones have become mini manuals computers, we are even more exposed to hold loads in place that can even affect our health and immune system. We use many equipment such as microwave and others more than they produce radioactivity, and magnetic electrical waves, can or not to damage our body?, is he being investigated much and there its conclusions, for my part it is assumed that all of this is closely linked to our body and surroundings, to the scientific development of the human being on the rise, guided by the cosmic forces that govern our creation and the vast universes. Electrical phenomena sometimes bring dangers of combustion but be attained by rays if with our altered electrical charge we went under a storm open the handle metal of a car, i.e. that there are dangers, by what people who often live electrical phenomena should also beware of not exposed to storms that are associated with bad weather.

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