Paper Tiger

Posted May 25th, 2013 by Suzy

At the end: I like it … the end of Little Nemo … all this was a dream ! Hint: The player was nice enough to go that way in the game, does not make him understand that this was not worth the trouble. I like it …

the end of the Paper Tiger. “It was a misunderstanding,” “In fact he had not really been murdered” etc. … Suggestion: surprise me by offering me more than I hoped for nothing less. Mouse Cruise I like it … the end unresolved Suggestion: tell me honestly if the players win, lose or what are the solutions of the mysteries.

I like … not a protagonist who ends apathetic, crazy or commit suicide. Hint: there are so many ways to solve its problems there is no excuse to use this facility ultra cliche. I like … not a fake surprise at the end Suggestion: Early in the story put enough information so that informed readers can guess the end but all the others castigate not have guessed. In general: I like … not a passive protagonist who is at best a spectator and at worst a professional victim. Hint: choose someone who gets better as the protagonist or give your main character a little more juice! I like it … the characters lack motivation Hint: do not allow any main character does not want something and fight for it.

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