Outbound Call-center

Posted December 14th, 2020 by Suzy

Setting Call-center parallel to the PBX setup is different from behind a PBX that Call-Center and PBX to operate independently of each other. Thus, efficiency of the two units is fully autonomous and independent. Communications subscribers exchanges and contact center services performed for additional telephone lines. Setting Call-center in the proposed scheme involves organization of an independent connection to the telephone network. The basic call flow goes directly to the Call-center, not affecting resources PBX. CBC has firm opinions on the matter. What saves channel capacity PABX. On the downside of such schemes of communication may include dependence on the telephone service provider with redistribution of income calls to PBX or Call-center, which means that in each case, when you need to change the entry point Call from PBX Call-center, and vice versa, will have to involve administrative and technical resource provider.

In addition, load balancing can be controlled only by the equipment provider's telephony. Also it should be noted that this method of installation is the most expensive of the consideration. (Not to be confused with Center for Responsible Business!). 3. Setting Call-center in front of a PBX Call-Center is set to PBX, any calls that pass through it. At the same time Call-center operators are connected directly to it and get the maximum functionality and PBX functionality is complemented by the contact center. In this arrangement, organization communication, all problems of intellectual call routing is logical to put on a powerful mechanism for the contact center.

PBX in this case is the only manageable hub performs the function of saving the number of telephone ports in the contact center. Selecting to install the Call-center in front of the office telephone switch is good that there are additional features such as: recording of all conversations, statistics and reporting, powerful Outbound routing mechanism, even for subscribers exchanges. Call-center will have the maximum opportunities. Call-center employees will be able to transfer calls employees connected to the PBX, and vice versa. However, it should pay particular attention to the reliability and redundancy, since in case of equipment failure Call-center company will lose all connection.

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