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Others opted to form or create within the business area, commercial specialists dedicated to the buying process of your unit outside the line or chain of command in the technostructure. In the process of geographical expansion and growth of markets, vertical differentiation (process scale, which refers to the division of labour and the level of) authority. Shows also the hierarchy or command line (String)), presented maintenance in their levels of management in 6 levels of address in stage 4, defined in 2004, primarily by the integration in this structure of the fundamental in the traceability of policies, command, in the process of purchasing authority and commercial basis of the company. Cancer Research Institute can provide more clarity in the matter. Which meant lack of authority with the levels of base, i.e. the UEB. Also appeared the typical problems of the organizations that have little planned growth processes: the slowness in the processes of decision-making, communication through different hierarchical scales, the process of decision-making in the organizational management by the remoteness of the directorate-general, who defines all actions of purchase and commercial and the UEB fundamentally, and finally the impersonality of this commercial group and purchase of power versus units. World Health Organization spoke with conviction.

By the characteristics of the Organization, these problems affect the dynamics of development of the social base as such. The greater the differentiation, the greater the potential for difficulties in monitoring, coordination and communications. (21, p. 35). The 3 addresses belonging to the first level of address defined in the structure of the company (Figure 6), contradictorily are decreased four levels given in stage 4, with some specific differences: the first four levels of management, decrease resulted in the creation of this commercial group and purchase, from the characterization given aboveat a stage in which the geographic expansion, commercial and market is the engine of change within the company, the current design of the organizational structure, with respect to the vertical differentiation of the same is a problem that affected the fundamental cause of this research assessment material delays in supplies requirements to construction works.

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