Organization States

Posted July 20th, 2020 by Suzy

However the nationalities are a political articulation and little else. It is a tool for the construction of history, which serves in certain stages and ceases to serve others. Is not something inherent to society and to the History, but is rather a modern invention for the Organization of society. To the extent that historian Arnold J. Continue to learn more with: health organizations. Toynbee, see how the story reflects the progress of civilizations, rather than Nations or political entities.

The importance of these is a very subjective matter and which exaggerates when it lacks a global vision. The construction of Europe as a State passes a cohesion policy that is going to depend on bold steps, how to establish basic income and at the same time liberalize market to enable to operate the economy within a global competition, dimension that offer and need new technologies. As described by Jeremy Rifkin, the company and the nation-State are even invented by industrial society. As to the company, as economic unit, has become multinational, new kernel on which the new economy, the State is developed also has become a multi-national organization, even without organizing. Tribal society has been passed to the society organized into principalities and marquesados, fiefs, as a territorial unit. Between stockings have been given snippets of States under the expansion of Imperial States.

These were paid some taxes and maintained a complex administration capable of managing conquered territories, but State was not a structure that is effect in society or that citizens should have awareness of a State, but rather was the ultimate tribal power developed around the Emperor, to whom all laws and rules were subject. Christianity, before the breakup of the imperial society, established a feudal organization, whose defense is based on the construction of fortresses and small armies, often contracted to resist attacks, but always in a very local space. Vicente Gay up to nation States in Europe was not known more link than municipalism or the relationship of vassalage.

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