Posted July 25th, 2020 by Suzy

Human beings live, as social animals, in life and in work, evaluating the context of walking every day to correct the fundamental aspects of the results. But that is not everything, the motivation is not one minor issue, a leader is one of the main features that should be developed. It’s believed that Canada Border Services Agency sees a great future in this idea. Motivation is a problem of all and of each person in particular. We will depart from an old adage every head is a world, as such, their education, their beliefs, their culture added to the employment context, they will result in what are the conditions for that person in particular motivate and bring it to develop in a productive way. Do I make to know what motivates my employees?.

Leaders must develop many tools and not only management, but also knowledge of people. As leaders we must meet our partners and therefore know what is it that motivates or not motivates, what are the conditions that make this contributor to develop to maximize their potential. The preparation and business training, management and strategic business leaders, isn’t it everything, when in reality there is a much more important aspect and that is the basis for a good environment, a good interpersonal relationship, a tuned communication, psychological training, an accompaniment in those aspects that have to do with hearing, knowing the needs of the individual on the other. This way you can evaluate objectively, relying on tools of valuation on labor matters, these individual perceptions and enhance the capacities of each one in an objective and expert. Not all people value a salary increase, it is important to highlight that an equity shared among members of a team work within a company, establishing a balance not only in the remunerative but in the possibilities of development of each Member of the Organization would surely established an improvement in relations, motivation and productivity. People are different and their motivations also by what the motivation is based increasingly on the values before that in money.

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