Posted July 24th, 2020 by Suzy

Alfie Kohn, Punished by Rewards type: no controlled study has ever found an improvement in long-term in the quality of work of persons resulting from any kind of reward or incentive programs. Likewise, asked sarcastically: do rewards motivate people? Yes, motivate them to obtain Rewards is associated with other dismissals of the objectives referred to and coligados to the performance appraisal system relates to decisions on dismissals. For senior managers or the employer, it may represent a map that explicit those cases where certain officials do not comply with the obligations relating to a profession or job and it can weigh on a voluntary retirement plan or one of downsizing. For the employee, be excluded in principle section of the Organization and the possibility of being relegated in the labor system, being their only means of livelihood for lack of equity capital, work in relationship creates a situation of indisputably asymmetric inequality in their relationship with the employee. MRI imaging technique may find this interesting as well. This scenario puts the evaluation of performance in an undesirable location; for evaluator it supposes the possibility of condemning a subordinate to a retreat forced on the medium-term if his score stands far below the desirable average, there is sometimes room for possible improvements. AND, on the contrary, could be used by a superior as a mechanism spring of a premeditated decision to expel an official without founded justification. NEGATIVE implications all these issues above are constituent of most of current performance evaluation techniques and, without omitting the benefits that we can produce a good valuation of human capital system, must also be recognized respects adverse or contrary to the purpose of its application; notably those linked to the generation of defensive strategies – both in the evaluated evaluator – placing the emphasis of ratings limitations, errors and failures, promoting self-interest and concealing the true performance of the officials. . .

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