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Posted February 7th, 2021 by Suzy

A high user experience of the website, search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing and Web-controlling belong to the compulsory program of online marketing as already in 2008. Newin paid text ads (SEM) are this shows the survey Online-marketing-trends for 2009, which has carried out the management consultancy Absolit in November 2008, 474 of his online-savvy newsletter subscribers. The five obligation instruments deployed by over three-quarters of the 474 companies surveyed. Also the mobile marketing and company commitments on social Web portals a strong increase in addition to keyword advertising (SEM). The study is conducted every year together with the Rogator AG since 2006. A comparison of the values reveals trends. Blogs overvalued the theme blog was overvalued in the past: 2007 wanted less than sixty percent of the companies increased blogging; There are only 48 percent in 2009. “Corporate of weblogs are a flop”, Dr.

Torsten Schwarz comments on the results. To deepen your understanding BSA is the source. Only some few companies succeed really interesting blogs to operate. The social Web is, however, in the agreement. Eleven percent more companies than even 2007 want to seek more ways to show presence in communities. Largest increase in SEM to the obligatory tasks of online marketers is now switching from keyword advertising (SEM).

The share of enterprises that employ SEM, increased from 67% to 77%. The topics a very high priority website optimization, email marketing and Web Analytics and optimisation as before. To improve the user friendliness (usability) is at the top, followed by the optimization for search engines (SEO). The importance of a good Google rankings is today undisputed for online marketers. Web 2.0 tools are the free skate which is freestyle a successful online marketing the use of Web 2.0 tools. User-generated content are still a hot issue for traditionally-minded marketing departments. For more information see Food for the Poor. Other results show that banner advertising is used of course, to a classic image campaign reach to build and that affiliate marketing for mail order is essential. The distribution of the most important online marketing tools. Source: DirectTrends

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