One Destiny Sergey

Posted April 9th, 2017 by Suzy

Sergey Protsenko and Victor Partola – a fate for two is no secret that in order to achieve any major goal, and skill, and a reasonable risk, and hard work. In the world there are people, and many of them know very well – it's authors charitable public organization "Draft" League of Truth ", patrons in nature, Sergey Protsenko and Victor Partola. They took an active part in all noble undertakings of the organization – from construction rollerdroma, bimikserov, holding youth festivals, to organizing the rehabilitation centers for drug and alkozavisimyh people to help orphanages! The project authors have organized charity concerts in different cities of Ukraine, and free food rations are regularly sent to veterans and veterans of World War II still in tears, remembered by grateful pensioners. That credibility, which were the authors of the project, can be safely linked to the fact that at this time they had the honor to be nominated "by the League of ratings and nominations" in the award of "Credo," which means – "trust" for achievements in the field of IT-technologies! Demonstrating a true Christian humility, Sergey Protsenko and Victor Partola abandoned a well-deserved awards, which were awarded today the head of state. After all, busy issues of Christian charity, the sponsors gave all their rights, including the management of a company's project VH 49 Financial Corp., being sure that this company will continue to pursue the planned general line. However, life goes on, and today, Sergey Protsenko and Victor Partoly there are a number of new ideas and projects, and they are completely open to fruitful cooperation with the new company, which will provide possible assistance in their implementation. For example, Victor Partole after repentance the Lord revealed his purpose in publishing and distributing religious literature, which is today, unfortunately, happens in a society less and less, and Sergey Protsenko Lord revealed his purpose in creating family entertainment centers around the world – centers that have no analogues in world practice. The idea of producing and distributing Christian literature by MLM business structure and combined with the real sector of business – the creation of family entertainment centers, generated by the two authors of the Project, Victor Partoloy and Sergey Protsenko, itself already attractive for Investors! After all, everyone remembers how to build and still more than 50 years working successfully on the market such world-known MLM companies like AMWAY and others … and no one probably will not argue about ongoing for more than 50 years of the existence of popularity and profitability of such entertainment theme parks, as the world famous Disneyland! Combining ideas MLM and family entertainment, which are successful for many years, will provide a good basis for the establishment and development of such business on an international scale, will be for each other support and the support! Related long-standing friendship and genuine partnership, today Victor Partola and Sergey Protsenko deservedly are official members of the international human rights organizations under the auspices of the UN and have a high status – Consultants Committee of NGOs in Council of Europe, that does not keep them actively work in the field of promotion of new projects – have no analogues in the world!

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