Nobody Claims

Posted February 14th, 2016 by Suzy

The explosion of a truck of propylene caused 215 killed in Els Alfacs campsite, in 1978. Half a dozen of these bodies have never been claimed by anyone. The number of dead anonymous grows more and more in this dysfunctional society. In our country there are some 3,000 bodies unidentified. Others if they have been, but after six months or two years without that nobody is interested in them just in a cemetery without headstone or remain in some morgue refrigerator as a case pending criminal, if the case so requires. Nothing more. Not usually given a correlation between missing persons and that they are sought eagerly by relatives in Spain are reported each year 15,000 disappearances only minors and the other dead, anonymous or not, that nobody wants.

And is that the same thing that there are a few alternative ways of life, aside from the established social rules black economy, homelessness, people without papers, money that is left forgotten in bank deposits, there are also dead marginal, expelled from the system, so to speak, people that matter so little living dead. We talked about increasingly frequent cases. Nor is it of baladies figures. Because what family in Romania or Senegal wants to take charge of an indigent immigrant by documented that is? Or how to identify, in other cases, corpses without another belonging to their own misery? Although we try to ignore them, many of these stories, those of the dead which nobody claimed, are also claims and funeral examples of the current economic crisis in its most tragic and gruesome version.

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