NGO Volunteers

Posted December 31st, 2016 by Suzy

The volunteers of the civil society of some NGO, who work by the justice and the respect of the human rights in their fight by a righter and more shared in common world, have had to do against campaigns of disqualification by an assumption danger that suppose the NGO for the authentic development of the populations of the South. He agrees to remember that the greater number of social volunteers of the NGO works in the countries of the sociological North to do against the injustices and to the operation of old, terminal immigrants, women, children, patients and drug addicts, people without home and resources in societies more and more dehumanized. To reduce the activities of the NGO to the projects that some develop in countries of the South is a coarse simplification. To generalize cases that happen in some countries of the South is of an incomprehensible recklessness. is blamed the NGO of to be a danger for the democracy, of not participating in claiming fights of the teachers, of to mine the sense of the public with its projects of social aid, and of to take control of the language of the left. During some time, one applauded our non-political nature and aconfesionalismo because thus the religious confessions could not take advantage us that traditionally developed many of these activities.

Neither labeled as socialist utopian by the marxism the more montaraz. Now it is that the NGO foments a new type of colonialism and cultural and economic dependency and that is postMarxist. A small minority that develops to alternative strategies in support of the policy of class and the anti-imperialism, in an ideological fundamentalism that as much censures in the neoliberal ones, in the neoconservatives and everything is saved what it does not sound with the music that to some they like to direct from their chairs.

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