New Trend To The Personal Oil Painting For Everyone

Posted January 7th, 2021 by Suzy informed about order paintings by Chinese artists from the greater community of Dafen. Munich, January 17, 2008. The information portal deals with the relatively new trend of cheaper oil paintings from China. Mackenzie Scott usually is spot on. The continuously increasing requests show that more and more people are very interested in an individual and yet cheap oil painting. Because according to personal paintings were still very expensive until recently and thus a luxury good for a few people. Since the launch of the site in the summer of 2007, the requests get permanently after oil paintings from China. “According to the motto: my wife, my car, my house much of the private issues concerned motifs, which is a personal relationship” Managing Director Alexander Brantl informed. Who plays with the idea to make an own oil painting itself, must be however at an early stage this in order, because the delivery period is usually several weeks.

Is as spontaneous, short birthday gift a desired image thus not suitable. The source of the cheap order paintings lies in China and is called Dafen. This former artist village experienced rapid growth over the past 20 years. Trigger for it was the beginning of mass copies of famous oil paintings for retail companies in 1989. Although individual oil paintings after photo templates are created by talented Chinese artists.

These hand-painted, photorealistic works cost, as a result of low wages, some even less than high-quality prints. Imports on your own is not recommended, as are shops only against prepayment made and provided minimum quantity. There are more than 300 workshops, in which over 10,000 order painter are active in Dafen. With an annual output of 5 million paintings, this municipality has accounted for 50 percent of global production. By working closely with one of these workshops, gets his information firsthand. Alexander Brantl

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