Network Marketing Hype

Posted January 29th, 2018 by Suzy

Entry Network (multilevel) marketing – is a way of retailing, using the method of direct selling. For network marketing is characterized by the absence of the chain retailers, standing between the producer product and its end implementer. A relatively new form of business systems, appeared in America in the mid-nineteenth century, and one of the most interesting areas in modern business. Perhaps because of this factor to the recent Time MLM was the 'talk of the vseyazytsah'. Network marketing has officially sought a court order to prohibit, spread about him various horror films, compared with the financial pyramids – did not work. MLM (from the English. MLM – Multi Level Marketing, multi-level marketing) MLM and pyramid schemes If you are invited to participate in the financial pyramid, you should be aware of what you risk. Pyramids tend to fall apart.

Without exceptions. In the best case you will lose money. But gain experience. In the most severe case, you will earn money. But in the pyramid can be earned only one way – through contributions from newly joined members. A it is likely there will be people from your surroundings.

It is unlikely that you can convince to part with the money of strangers. And with you is a terrible thing happens – you lose your surroundings. After all, a good reputation, we earning years, and you can lose it in five minutes. There is an option when you do not know what you're dealing, as pyramid schemes are of two types: open and disguised.

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