Nero Fabric

Posted December 21st, 2011 by Suzy

Art has thousands of forms of expression with different techniques and materials that give scope for beautiful creations, as are the paintings, in which they may have beautiful works of art of graphic type, allowing the artist to have a friendly instrument that can translate the results of their artistic skills and the ability to give life to different ideas. Speaking of the paintings were being referred to a special type of fabric that is possible to show different works of art. It is very important to note that the canvas can be either a fabric that serves as a support for carrying out such works of art of painting, where the tissues tend to use for the canvasses are mainly flax and cotton without Foremost is also very common that the final result of these carriers to be called canvas, is a work of art embodied in the fabric would be called canvas. The presence of the paintings in the history goes back to ancient times, so much so that there is evidence that it was made a Portrait of Nero which was elaborated in a cloth, despite the foregoing, the presence of the paintings in the history leaves a great void of these works of art before the fourteenth century since the records of own paintings during this period are very few almost zero, possibly due to the completion of paintings in this over time mainly reflected themes that were not widely accepted in society, hence it was seen by some as inappropriate and therefore it was common these pictures were removed, but after this age if you have more samples of paintings, driven by the taste that some groups were by Italian artists canvas. The renaissance mean a great application of the paintings, so much so that from that point in history, it was felt that the paintings are the support of a greater presence in the history of art of painting, as presented certain nicest features about other types of media, because it was more resistant and much lighter, which facilitated this media type support to position itself as winner among those used to make various paintings. Regarding the implementation of the paintings must be addressed as the quality characteristics and the type of fabric used, the fragility, the plot of crusaders, the relief of the warp and the pictorial surface as depending on these aspects will be obtained different results . For the paintings mainly used flax and cotton, according to criteria of utility, but each has elements and flax is strong and difficult to break, with aspects of texture that can range from rough to smooth, however it loosens the cold weather, while cotton is stretched very easily and not suffer the effects of cold weather.

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