Naturopath Ute Rosenberg Knau Works

Posted July 28th, 2019 by Suzy

Ute Rosenberg Knau is the only healer in Hamburg and Northern Germany which also the Dr Edward Bach certified Bach flower therapist-Foundation. You likes to work with wild rose. You may want to visit PCRM to increase your knowledge. WILD ROSE Rosa canina (wild rose) keywords: indifference, resignation, apathy and lethargy group lack of interest in the presence of WILD ROSE suitable for people that are ” drifting. People who take life as it is. Indemnify, apathetic, resigned and indifferent they have found themselves with an unpleasant situation. These individuals feel a sense of the ‘staleness’ and are also ‘satisfied’. Sufferers ‘in a monotonous voice’ of ‘can’ give these or similar words: “It is now time not to change.” * “me it’s ‘Jacket like pants’.

Makes it like you mean it.”*”things are as they are. So be it.”* see note effect of taking WILD ROSE helps people become awake and active. Serenity and relaxation remain, but an interest in life (to and) Awakened others in its environment). ‘ WILD ROSE’ takes his life again ‘in hand’ and thus leads this way to a fulfilling life. It is November. A month that can lead sometimes disinterest, lack of desire or even a ‘Cup feel’ due to his season.

We also think of all the many people who may be too early have found themselves off with their fate. Perhaps due to a bad diagnosis of a disease or a life situation, which appears monotonous (not only affected in nursing homes or similar). Also young people who apparently perspektivelos and completely apathetic got off with their lives. Then just taking is the time for the Bach flower WILD ROSE. The real interest is returned to life. Changes are initiated with initiative, energy and ambition. * Note: Even if I am repeating, is the Bach flower therapy to the emotions, not words! This example sets represent only literal statements, it comes to the ‘ verbal Expression ‘ on. Clearly, other Bach flowers should be excluded. Finally it’s the right mix for each affected – quite individually.

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