MST Lands

Posted September 17th, 2015 by Suzy

The MST if return for will territorializaro of the field, for the use of these, they many that many times if had questioned because as many lands without uses, vacant lands, farmers and squatters searching to assume of all the vacant land forms of one who holds legal titles to property and, do not turn another skill and if not to organize and mainly to occupy lands unproductive to call attention the government. Thus the encampments and the occupations are ones of the few forms of if making to hear, and mainly searching to mobilize the society and acquire knowledge it of the importance of the movement, and the right to the access the land. The actions of the government do not satisfy of form joust and sucinta the necessities of the agrarian man, therefore they are atrelados to the large states and the interest of the large state is an interest of the capital, of the agro-business, at last what he is pautado is that the capitalism is that sees what is or not necessary for the field. But these occupations also reflect in great violncias, many without land and one who holds legal titles to property had been assassinated in these conflicts and many of the times with an omission of the power I publish as Bernardine: The violence of the agrarian question during the regimen to militate: 1,106 agricultural workers had been assassinated, in a bloody fight against the expropriation, the illegal occupancy of landed property of lands, against oustings. Violent. The enslaved work, the burning of the houses and the farmings, the exploration of the wage-earning workers and without rights, etc. (MANANO, 1997, p.11). The expropriation that the capital made and makes is very strong, and leavend with much violence, we see that in the military government that the great one I number of people deceased or better assassinated it was very great, and this was one of the forms found to repel any manifestation of social matrix in the field.

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