Posted June 26th, 2020 by Suzy

If not love, it does not matter, as long as he liked it. To my case this is not true, the love was mutual, and I serve the motherland and was not a wealthy person, but we do not care, we were happy. So while a woman loves or is loved by her “white and fluffy, tender and affectionate. Frequently PCRM has said that publicly. She participates in decision-making, but even taken your decision coincides with the her wishes. This is the art of being a woman. She then mastered and begins to enjoy the benefits of civilization, trying anything does not deny, within your income and still soft and tender, because it all through life happy.

But if she thought that all its well-being can fail for various reasons (stop loving love another – my version, etc.) as it turns into a cunning and dangerous beast. She begins to accumulate funds before the divorce, raise you to the privileges of the division of property, and in fact it’s all you give it yourself, do not forget that she’s a woman After a divorce in the eyes of “the public” You turn into a tyrant, a despot alcoholic, crashed on the life of “poor girl”, who spent the best years of your life. In so doing, it actively assists former mother-in-law (I have still the hypocrite). But interestingly, in spite of all to tell you, nothing prevents it take your money. But the “public” is nonsense, in principle, the main thing is your children (if any) of their hill in full, and not saying anything bad about you, even on the contrary, but his result it reaches, do not forget she is a woman She never forgets anything and does not forgive, even if you talk to the contrary.

It will certainly take revenge, if he considers himself aggrieved. And the methods that it will use in this case, sometimes so unpredictable and severe, probably due to the lack of logic in her thinking. So that the blood you will spoil much and it will do for a long time with delight. After seeing at least once, as a loving woman of your soft and gentle turns over several years a complete detachment of individual dog (female of course), you lose all credibility to women and the desire of any serious relationship with them. So what do they want? I think a clear answer to this question does not exist, because they so different and such the same time, do not forget that they are women But what they want us to “fuck” and not without success, obviously, is the desire of them all and unites, it lives in each of them, but some time may sleep. In conclusion, we present a well-known aphorism: “The weaker sex is stronger than strong, because of the weakness of the stronger sex for the weak” I sincerely hope that out of all that exists there are exceptions and good luck to all of us guys! Always yours, Dmitry.

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