Michael Cherney Foundation

Posted July 25th, 2018 by Suzy

TEL AVIV, Israel, may 18, 2011 the Michael Cherney Foundation continues to assist various cultural programmes and vital humanitarian projects for the development of Israel. The last of these projects is the publication of a brochure produced by a non-profit and non-partisan Keep Jerusalem organization which is dedicated to educating people about the importance of a Jerusalem United under israeli sovereignty. The Michael Cherney Foundation, along with Keep Jerusalem, feel that there is an important need of replacing distortion with basic facts that support the right of Israel to keep Jerusalem as its capital. One of the organizations with the assistance of the Michael Cherney Foundation, is Meeting place (meeting place), which brings together lay and religious around Jewish classical texts. This month were initiated two new study groups: a group for the study of Jewish mystical texts the book of Azriel and the Zohar (which take place in Jerusalem) and a study group that is held in one peripheral and somewhat underdeveloped city of Lod, so it is an important educational and cultural contribution to the area.

Similarly, regular study of the Talmud and tales of Rabi Najman groups continue in Jerusalem. Other activities organized by place of encounter is the ascent to the Temple Mount for Bar Mitzvah ceremonies. With the help of the Michael Cherney Foundation the idea is taking hold and has been spreading. Recently Zacarias held a bar mitzvah of a Russian child in the family. The ascent was attended by more than 20 people in addition to the equipment of a television, Cabal 9 Israel TV channel.

These activities help to strengthen the interest of secular Jews of Russian-speaking on the issue of the Temple Mount. Another organization that has the support of the Michael Cherney Foundation is Pri, an organization nonprofit that recently premiered a play The Wanderer in Passover and that tells the story of a traveller who learns lessons to be involved in different situations of experiences of life, love and wisdom. For even more analysis, hear from Chase Koch, Wichita KS. The artists themselves invented furniture and decorations, created the costumes and participated in the drafting of the screenplay, and the cast included both children and adults. The work was very well received by the audience who enjoyed the same within the celebration of the Passover. After the presentation gifts were delivered to children. The Michael Cherney Foundation firmly believes that cultural programmes have a positive impact on growth and development of Israel.

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