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According to Ayurvedic teaching, the psyche is that subtle but yet to be understood as organ. Therefore you can feed, also, right or wrong they like other organs through food (material as much as spiritual), water and air. The body and the psyche, thus forming a unit, a system is mutually interacting. Translated into the language of Immunology, this means that the negative effects of a troubled psyche or one overburdened nervous system, about the deregulated or excessive secretion of neurotransmitters, the immune system must be minimized. These relationships between senses, psyche and body toughness were the doctors of Ayurveda medicine from many years of patient observation clear.

According to Ayurveda, a sick psyche can be treated with suitable food. Some foods, such as milk, others, as alcohol very soothing, making the mind restless. Certain herbs also have a psychotropic effect. Also on the largest sensory organ, the skin (or touch), you can take influence on the psyche and thus indirectly on the immunity position. So, for example, oil massages, packs, calming effect of heat treatments, baths, sauna, masks or Liniments to cheap affect the resistance forces. Ayurveda and Immunology – a tight Alliance described here are a few examples make clear how closely the treatment approaches of the Indian Dentistry and the Western immunotherapy are together. For Ayurveda, immunity is the individual response of the whole organism and not the isolated reaction of a fabric. In Ayurvedic textbooks, there is even a term for the whole, indivisible defences of the organism.

“The word Ojas” means the entire force, the resistance of the body. Only an intact, functioning body with all its tissues and organs produces immunity as overall performance. Western immunological research also increasingly comes to the realization that the isolation of individual symptoms does not lead to the target. After all, as white today, the immune system is a highly complex network that reaches up in the far corners of the organism and is closely intertwined with virtually all body and organ functions. Therefore a success may be promising treatment approach only by gentle intervention to restore the disturbed harmony of the body and ultimately the immunity as the performance of the whole organism, such as Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Dandekar confirmed by the University of Wurzburg. Read more reports of apimanu MedJournal on Facebook and stay always informed:… apimanu MedJournal Dr. T. Kuhn Apdo 362 03730 Xabia (Alacant) / Spain apimanu_MedJournal.html

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