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Posted December 18th, 2020 by Suzy

The medical pacifier – innovation by pickMED should prevent dental damage in babies and young children. At up to 70% of all infant pacifier cause teeth damage such as cross bite, open bite and bite back Kufstein / Tyrol a new and innovative patent for dummy is revolutionizing the market: after 15 years of research work, the dentist Dr. Herbert brings a new pacifier on the market, the tooth pick and you want to reduce jaw deformities ( The motivation for this development: Studies have shown that also those pacifiers, which sold for years as”pine”, lead to tooth and jaw deformities. Up to 60 – 70% of all pacifier children develop a jaw deformity. Particularly the lateral crossbite include, (upper jaw is narrower than the lower jaw) usually associated with a forced bite (asymmetric growth, crooked face) the open bite, (no contact with the front teeth) and the bite (lack of growth of the mandible fliehendes Chin”). Like us Pacifier researchers Dr.

pick in an interview revealed, most dummy manufacturers try to imitate the nipple. The “next-generation” at the Pacifiers trying to recreate, so Dr. tongue function pick next. The patented pickMED pacifier is to prevent all these ugly distortions. The pacifier has side wings, which should act as a regulation and prevent the emergence of the cross bite.

The connection between pacifier shield and dummy body is so flat technically kept to avoid the open bite. To avoid the emergence of the back bite, the pacifier shield is only slightly curved and stands in the lower jaw, to not hinder the natural development of the lip muscles and the growth of the mandible. To prevent the injury like bruising, irritation and eczema on your skin, the pacifier has a soft raised edging and ventilation holes. In the opening in the pacifier shield, you can click practical accessories such as Soother chain with the name of your baby and remove for cleaning and sleeping. More Benefits of Dr. PICK’S regulation dummy: the pickMED dummy is manufactured in a completely new technology (in precision work): formed from a piece of silicone of different degrees of hardness: hypo-allergenic i.e., skin-friendly, hygienic, since no mechanical connections (dirt niche, bacterial trap), completely soft. According to Dr. pick is for medical knowledge to satisfy the best your child and to try to avoid the pacifier. Because it’s not always easy should be taken to use the pacifier until the child is about 2 half years as little as possible. Thumb, finger or similar substitute the pacifier can be dangerous”be, because these are often very difficult to get to stop. “” Aside from that, it is now scientifically proven, that the Pacifiers “the likelihood of a sudden infant death” can significantly reduce! ZAROnews Antony Zettl ham Lake 7 6330 Kufstein/Tyrol email: home: Tel.: +49-(0)151-15249319

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