Mc Luhan

Posted March 12th, 2017 by Suzy

We are responsible, in the most beautiful sense of the term, and can share the status of the condemned of the earth making own needs. People have no time for lamenting because they dealt with in working to remedy the misfortune and the needs of those who suffer. We can make them happier. But for this it is necessary to strive to expand our knowledge of the socio-political and cultural reality of the most disadvantaged. It is necessary to adopt a more austere way of life as well as some personal commitment that cost us and collaborate on activities that will help to raise awareness towards real problems who suffer so many human beings like us, and whose fate is not us of others. Social volunteering or stands in this pulsating and inescapable reality or makes common cause with those responsible that perpetuate structural injustice institutionalising the effects to not undertake the transformation of the causes. Let the message of mouth on ear accompanied by a conduct consistent with our attitude to life. We have that follow the path of men and real women who preceded us and which, today, in many places, anonymous and effectively, are contributing to this alborear of a new world with a new society.

Finally, after what is solidarity but the response to an unjust inequality? The solidarity that we want to build supposed social changes from the structures to transform our society and open us towards a sustainable future. Solidarity is forged when we pledge our lives, our time, our knowledge and our willingness to change a society that we don’t like other, more human, more dignified and more just. Why not everything is lost and if it is true that night was born at noon as Chinese scholars argue, is not least the contrary proposition that the aurora is located in the above statement begins at midnight. Given the chasm that has led our society of consumption, of unlimited growth and uncontrolled progress, it is possible that we find in this new dawn that develops the new culture of solidarity. In the same way that the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989, he surprised most experts and scholars of all universities in the world, as well as to media professionals, now say whatever they want but the newspaper libraries are there to prove it, it is very likely that this new revolution is occurring althoughas in all the events that marked the change of ages in history only be perceptible in his real form when already have occurred.

A space is not visible until a certain distance is not acquired. The digital world is transforming our structures from the depths so that the possibilities of the human being which, as in the example of Mc Luhan, pisa to fund the throttle of a powerful machine but with an eye on the rear view mirror are unimaginable. Our task as social volunteers is to help recover our real hallmarks. Solidarity J.C.G.F development original author and source of the article.

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