Martin Terefe

Posted October 30th, 2017 by Suzy

I have worked with others, since my youth, not only in the band, but also with my art. Only while printing or while producing sculptures help already. At the same time be artists and pop star, it goes? Long, I tried to separate my experiences from the pop music and the art field. As a celebrity, you will fast criticized or at least not taken seriously, if you suddenly do art. To 2006 around I started then, in my artistic projects involving my environment. At my first musical solo project, because I had a group of people who worked with me, all with different backgrounds. I started to make music in the galleries where I recorded the walls with projections.

As for Apparatjik was all very low tech, I used such as projectors or real-time animation. I like to leave out the whole professional stuff. For me, there began a mental journey to the point where I felt that I love to artistically would work in a real group where I totally can’t let my professional background and career behind me. How is the Group of Apparatjik then come about? We already knew us all. I had worked with Martin Terefe beforehand, as a solo artist and with a-ha. I got to know Mew (Jonas Bjerre, d. ed.) in Russia, where I curated an exhibition.

At some point, we worked together for a charity campaign and met in Copenhagen, where we wrote a song and recorded from midnight until 7 o’clock in the morning. It was all very spontaneous and free, we enjoyed the energy that we gave each other. The next step, then, was that I invited the guys to go skiing to Norway. And 10 days we had recorded an album. There, we realized we were part of the machine much too strong in all of our other constellations we had built. So, we tried to live out a spontaneity that was otherwise not possible. How did the first place your step in the field of art? At 15 I was very busy making music, to compose poems to draw. It came in contact with fine art, because I started, in the Henie-Ons read more here please: art worldwide leading online magazine and decorative art online also artnet online auctions

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