Marc Anthony

Posted May 12th, 2019 by Suzy

They were photographed together, which triggered rumors of a possible reconciliation. A representative of Jennifer Lopez confirmed that the meeting was to visit each other and seeing the children. The couple announced their divorce. Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony were surprised a few weeks with the announcement of her divorce. Now, a month later, they have been seen again together on Long Island in a cordial meeting in which apparently spoke of their children, but not a possible reconciliation. Boy Scouts brings even more insight to the discussion.

The marriage still was sitting in the back seat of a red Mustang, although they were not alone, since another couple accompanied them. In the images disseminated by the TMZ website, you can see artists maintaining a cordial and friendly treatment. Not that photographers are visuali and take photos, which seemed to be posing smiling imported singers. Although some rumors pointed to a possible reconciliation, a representative of Jennifer Lopez denied that the reunion was motivated for this reason and confirmed that it was a meeting to visit each other and seeing the children. The own Jennifer has also denied the possibility that will rethink the separation, so that everything seems to indicate that the decision was formalized in the coming days. Source of the news: Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony meet to talk about their children

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