Machine Driver

Posted December 26th, 2011 by Suzy

In every man's life was a period when an urgent need to get somewhere or get more comfortably than the subway. And then comes to the rescue service "taxi Moscow". In many somewhere in a conspicuous place recorded a few phones of the taxi services. But almost every ride in a taxi one realizes how far from ideal. Poll of Moscow residents helped create image of the ideal taxi. So: easy to remember a number of the call. It may replace only the number in front of his eyes. So, dear owners taxi, do not forget about advertising – the engine of progress.

2 Manager should call amount of the order immediately, and it should coincide with that name the driver at the end of the trip. Otherwise, a bad feeling in my heart will remain with the customer, and it is unlikely he will want to use the services of the machine the next time. 3 Machine should come in or called a term (if the order was made in advance), or within 20 minutes. In Otherwise, the customer can take advantage of annoyance by another service. 4 The driver must be polite, not intrusive, or silent humorist, who are able to support any conversation (it all depends on the mood of the customer) and any If something does not smoke (this is many are annoying), not to talk on a cell without a special headset, do not include a loud radio and most importantly, skillfully lead the car to the customer during a trip is not turned gray with fear. 5. Machine must be clean inside and outside. It should be easy to be around other cars.

6. Many people are concerned about transport for children under 12 years old. So, in thinking about their reputation taxi service should be children's car seats, available upon request of the customer. 7. When ordering a taxi to the airport or railway station the driver helped carry the luggage. PS For your information, the owners of taxis, for the observance of these rules are not complicated, people are willing to pay more.

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