Lose Sales

Posted February 18th, 2021 by Suzy

Currently consumers are less likely to call or go visit your store does that? they prefer to quickly find information online about your company, and if they don’t find it certainly matches that of its competitor. So, how is your virtual sales representative? Is your web site easy to navigate? Is your web site visually attractive? Think that you only have 30 seconds to achieve a good first impression online. The design of your web site can increase the credibility and inspire confidence in your company and with your web site open 24/7, not can afford to give a wrong image. Here I want to introduce you 6 tips to improve your virtual sales on its web site: Tip 1: don’t expect your web site to change its content by itself. You should keep your site updated. If you take out a new product to the market, the best is publish it on your website! Because this is not going to appear magically. Council 2: make your web site more interactive.

You have a? video of your company? Photos? Sound clips? It provides a web environment more dynamic and interesting. Council 3: sends traffic from your social network online to your web site and vice versa. The idea is to drive traffic to your online store as much as possible and get more customers and prospects. Council 4: don’t confuse your users with technical and unknown words for them on your website. You must include a natural language more easy to read and understand. Council 5: make sure that the navigation is easy to find and use.

It is recommended to have a site map so that users can get an idea of the structure of the web site. Council 6: as attracts customers to your site? Perhaps a test or an interesting item that the user can download. Provide benefits to users will allow you to get valuable information from them. Remember! It is important to leave a good image in the real world, as in the virtual world.

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