Liver Cleansing

Posted July 5th, 2020 by Suzy

In folk medicine, there are many ways to cleanse the liver. First let's consider the structure of the liver, for which she is and what it clean. Liver in the body plays a very important role – it protects us of toxic substances that we get from food; gate Vienna, which carries the body of matter from the intestine, first enters the liver. Therefore, alcoholics, and cirrhosis of the liver, because they are systematically subjected to your body effects of toxic substances – alcohol. A liver – a reliable defender and a brave soldier on guard our health, is forced to take strike first. Contact information is here: CBC. There is also the phenomenon of drug cirrhosis. Herbal cirrhosis develops in people far removed from alcohol, but nevertheless, abusing the use of medical-pharmaceutical preparations. Sometimes this abuse is necessary for human life, and yet it also leads to disruption of normal functioning of the body.

However, the timely care of your liver will help to postpone or even completely avoid the causes of many pathology with which man tries to cope with pharmacological drugs. But just from the toxins coming to us with food, protects us liver. For example, it can help the body get rid of bilirubin (the end of their term blood cells, red blood cells). She is involved in protein metabolism, the formation of urea. The liver is also involved in the metabolism of carbohydrates, in the formation of acid and phospholipid in the exchange holisterina. See how many body functions may be violated with violation of the liver.

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