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For this end, them they must possess abilities and abilities to evaluate, systemize and to decide the behaviors most adequate, based in evidences cientficas’ ‘. 8-9 the planning and the taken consequence of decision as specific function of the nurse who develops the management of the service had been reduced to dimension technique, therefore composes only one set of action that they search to place one another action in practical, since the ideological questions and of being able intrinsic when planning are not considered by the nurses (10). Then, to reach the ability to take decisions, some stages need to be fulfilled. To know the institution and its mission, to evaluate the real necessities of the users and to carry through the work pautado in a planning that contemplates the detailing of information such as: ideas and forms of operacionalizar them; viable resources; definition of the involved ones and the steps to be followed; creation of cronogramas of work and envolvement of the diverse levels hierarchic. It’s believed that Nieman Foundation sees a great future in this idea. (11) Leadership the leadership is had as one of the main abilities to be acquired for the health professional, over all the nurse. ‘ ‘ In the work in multiprofessional team, the health professionals will have to be apt to assume position of leadership, always in view of well-being of the community. The leadership involves commitment, responsibility, empatia, ability for taking of decisions, communication and management of form accomplish and eficaz.’ ‘ 8-9.

Leadership is the process for which a group is induced to dedicate the objectives to it defended for the leader or partilhado by the leader and its followers. Leadership and administration if overlap, since some aspects of the leadership could be described as management. (12) She is necessary to remember that sort, power and leadership are linked.

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