Laodicean Church

Posted March 29th, 2015 by Suzy

Cyrus himself has long portrayed the obedient servant of the church in Thyatira, but actually under the influence "of the virus of Darkness", as well as Nimrod, he prepared his people to the new "achievements" and to ensure that they fanatically fought for him and his ideals. Betrayal and the transition under the protectorate of the church in Thyatira Cyrus has not forgiven nor Satan, nor the Nimrod, and since then, Cyrus has become their sworn enemy. But after coming to the territory of the dominion Cyrus Americans Thyatira church split in its ranks emerged two leaders who have remained as a common goal – to resist the Nimrod, Satan and the Laodicean Church (USA), and completely the opposite problem: Archangel church in Thyatira is necessary to preserve the purity of faith and consciousness of people, and Kir – to become sole ruler of the church in Thyatira, then used her potential in the fight against their sworn enemies. Thus, before beginning of the apocalypse world was actually represented by three explicit powers – Laodicea Church (USA), Thyatira church (Islam) and the Pergamum church (Satan), and in addition another hidden power – the Queen of Heaven (Virgin), Archangel Michael and Adam. Nimrod, who was extremely weak after his defeat of Satan, enters into collusion with the Angel of Laodicea Church (USA) and becomes his ally in the fight against Satan, the church in Thyatira, and hypothetically, against the Queen of Heaven (God). This will affect the balance of power in the future that the third world war will be inevitable.

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