Posted September 2nd, 2012 by Suzy

It was made to run, to hunt, to roar! Authority is on it. However, inside of the cage, it does not pass of a great cat. It is as soon as we are! As enjaulados, imprisoned lions in four walls. In our essence? by means of Jesus – we have the authority to step on, to proclaim, to free, to run without if tiring! Inside of the walls we are domesticated, we are mass, we are number. Focamos in what he is ' ' gospel' '.

We help soldiers wounded, while we had more focar in them in increasing the number of warriors for Christ. We have expense time with the evangelizao? When it was the last time that we take a person to the Christ? We speak of the love of God? We have testified with our life the true change that Jesus only brings? We learn sufficiently, we praise as God wants, but and our mission to go the whole world and to nail evangelho to all creature? Same Jesus said in Landmarks 16. 16-17 that to we will nail evangelho to it: ' ' these signals will follow to that to believe: In my name they will banish the demons; they will say new languages; they will catch in the serpents; e, if to drink some deadly thing, will not make them damage some; bilge the hands on the patients, and curaro' '. Cad the fulfilment of this word? Where they are our principles? We are as wild, running for there and here in a wild ativismo. We forget it Kingdom! To visit the orphans and the widowers, to pray for people in hospitals, to declare the supernatural one; something that in it is given by God, who is our essence as celestial citizen, but we we do not usufruct! We have much faith, but it only, without the workmanships, is deceased! The enemy comes to bring a false sensation of that we make something good.

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