Posted June 7th, 2013 by Suzy

JOSE BRECHNER George w. Bush is the most rejected ruler to the width and length of the planet. When you ask people why they don’t like him, the main response that you get, is: by the war in Iraq. It seems that many have forgotten that Iraq invaded Kuwait, which Saddam Hussein annihilated hundreds of thousands of Kurds with chemical weapons of mass destruction, and million died in the war with Iran (1980-88). He also attacked Israel in 1948, 1967, and 1990, without borders and affairs with that State. And he financed, protected and trained thousands of terrorists.

The main argument of opponents of the war is that weapons of mass destruction were not found. If someone should be questioned on this matter, it is Mohamed El Baradei, who representing the international community, was directly responsible for the investigation, and who scared everyone suggesting its existence. The not found anything, they loaded bulk is Bush for launching a pre-emptive war, while the ElBaradei received the Nobel Peace Prize. Where is it logic? It simply does not exist. It is part of the cultural misrepresentation, encouraged by the alienating progressive press, which demonizes or sanctifies whom comes in WINS. From another flank, children’s peace activists seek to compare Iraq with Viet Nam, and ask that US soldiers returning home. What it means: who seek the defeat instead of victory.

But if there is capitulation in Iraq, it won’t be as in Viet Nam, where the Vietcong (Communist) stayed in his country. This time, Islamic terrorists invade the world. And in his mindset, consider that they defeated the superpower, it will fill them courage and increased aggressiveness. Viet Nam was a political war between the two powers. A defender of freedom, and another of totalitarianism (which already had under his claw to more than one third of the planet). The current is a holy war caused by religious fundamentalists, whose theocratic hegemonic objectives are backed by extremists scattered on 52 Muslim countries, Europe and the rest of the world.

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