Kuban Cossack Lieutenant

Posted February 5th, 2021 by Suzy

According to ataman Terek Cossack Army in the 60-ies. xix century. Cossacks served no military and police. Actual military service for them was now the service is already in the cordon Russian-Turkish and Russian-Persian border, far from places of residence, which the Cossacks had to protect itself in the preceding period. In these circumstances, the Kuban and Terek Cossack Army, like Don, go to discharge ‘internal troops’, meaning they can give the settlers for the new troops, their presence contribute to preserving peace in the Caucasus. However, according to mt Loris-Melikov, ‘ the role and task of the Cossacks (emphasis added – AM) for North Caucasus is over, in the sense, of course, in which the Cossacks most provided services in Russia, ie, in the sense of an armed guard outside it, and hardening her, through the gradual colonization of the territory occupied by force of arms’ (9).

Based on the above said, mt Loris-Melikov proposes to divide the Cossacks into two parts, the first of which allow the output of the Cossack class, to facilitate the peaceful labor activities. For the second, apparently from the ‘natural Cossacks’, on the contrary – a priority to leave military service, to give vent to their ‘energy’ (10). Such views were quite common..

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