Posted September 21st, 2020 by Suzy

So many people like never before using a record year accommodation in Bad Kreuznach for the city, Bad Kreuznach was the year 2012. Never before stayed more guests in the accommodations of the spa town by the close. It swims Bad Kreuznach bucking the trend. While the number of overnight stays decreased in Rhineland-Palatinate, could put in Bad Kreuznach. According to an article in the online edition of the Rhein-Zeitung from the 13.02 the city could show a slight increase of overnight Bad Kreuznach. What is surprising to many in the first moment has good reasons. Holiday in Bad Kreuznach is becoming increasingly popular especially for the short holiday. Go to World Travel & Tourism Council for more information.

The facilities after the renovation the crucenia Thermen again in its entirety to the dispositions are extremely important as an image carrier for the city. This other institution win such as the Baderhaus how, also very known. Also provides the good infrastructure and the transport favor hedgehogs location extremely easy arrival by car or train. Even the renovation Kreuznacher station, travelers could not stop. However, the changing time is striking.

There were up to seven days, a few years ago, guests stay at the time on average only 5 days in the city. This can be interpreted as a trend that short but intense weekend have found their place in the vacation planning of German citizens. This can hide but in the sum about it, that it in Bad Kreuznach in recent years increasingly vorkamm, that the two, up to three star hotels have closed area while in the oberklass area, the accommodation of the city have established themselves. Target must be however, to offer the right offer for every budget. Only so can be regained even more mass. The beautiful mountainous countryside around Bad Kreuznach around, at least deserved it. Ewald Haaf

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