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The Messiah and Messianism are issues that turn in the heads of the curious people, their origin and possible explanations for such phenomena. Re-reading some books that looked no more years to find a text on the salvageable Messiah, written by a famous American anthropologist and decided to share with friends, while soft drink concepts: “In reality we must consider two enigmas. Christianity first emerged among Jews living in Palestine. The belief in the coming of a Messiah, a savior named like a god-man was an important feature of Judaism at the time of Jesus. In this climate of instability the Tana Rabbi Akiva – which was at the head of the Sanhedrin without being appointed Nasi – convinced the other members of the institution to appoint the leader of the rioters, Simon bar Kojba as Messiah. 49
The rebel leaders carefully organized revolt to avoid the mistakes that were committed while they were confronted with Vespasian and Titus. In 132 the revolt spread from Modiim throughout the country. The rebels defeated the Legio X in Jerusalem and the Legio XXII Deiotariana – who had come from Egypt.
After these victories to restore the sovereign state Semite. Simon Kojba bar is at the forefront of the administration and took the title of Nasi. It was also announced the “was the redemption of Israel ‘, contracts were made and ordered the issuance of coins. Rabbi Akiva was leading the Sanhedrin, the religious services and restart korbanot
As the emperor had news of the uprising of the Israelites command to call Sixth of July Britannia Severo amen to order the troops to barracks in neighboring areas to the rebels attacked and destroyed. Not sure if the emperor himself is actively involved in the conflict, which lasted more than two years and cost an enormous amount of soldiers to the Roman military machine.
Gradually, the rebels were cornered in the mountains, where the imperial troops decimated. The survivors were sold as slaves. However, the conflict cost so many men to the Roman Emperor remove its military dispatches to the Senate made the usual opening, “I and the legions are fine.
After the reconstruction is a statue of Zeus erected in the former site of the Temple of Aphrodite and a side of Golgotha, where Jesus of Nazareth was crucified. This eliminates the province of Judea redefining their limits and the creation of Syria Palaestina – a way to try to forget Semite stay in the area changing its name by the oldest inhabitants, the Philistines.
In the Talmud this revolt is known as’ the war exterminio “in fact, although the Jewish diaspora began centuries before the reign of Hadrian, the narrative of this conflict makes the legend of some dyes. The term of the revolt to remove any possibility of a renaissance as Semitic political expression, religious or cultural, a situation that is perpetuated to the emergence of Zionism in the S. XIX.

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