Klaus Zelenka

Posted September 21st, 2020 by Suzy

Chuck Berger company Niki graduated from the fire test. Before a door as a fire door must declare themselves, she must prove themselves at the fire test and stand at least 30 minutes the fire. The doors of Chuck Berger company Niki completed this test now and 18 minutes over the target value. The fire test in the King discipline was completed: the double doors. Austria far there are only a handful of providers that offer security doors resistance class 3 or WK 4 also in the fire and that even for double leaf doors. By more stringent regulations on the part of the building regulations fire doors are increasingly demanded by architects and planners. Alone in Vienna around 25,000 homes are renovated.

A fire door this brings additional safety. We have responded to the needs of the market and us fire protection testing. And with great success. We can now our portfolio of security and panic doors according to extend qualified fire protection”, says sales manager Klaus Zelenka about the positive completed test. The double door Vienna (resistance class 3) at the MA 39 in Vienna was tested because every second counts. Especially concerning the double door the building code keeps getting stricter requirements. The challenge is for 2-wing doors is that they usually have a very high altitude (about 2.40 cm) and fire provide a large attack surface through 2 encountered each other door wing. Absolute stability is needed here.

And this has now proved Theodore in the fire test. Therefore, Theodore runs from immediately doors of fire resistance class EI230 in the program. The E’ stands for space completed and means that unilateral cross fire prevents spreading of flames or hot gases. The I2 “stands for thermal insulation and is sure that a unilaterally attacking fire prevents the transmission of heat (temperature range on the door leaf inside) the visible edge of the range by 100mm). The 30 means that the fire door 30 minutes has to offer resistance to the fire. Could this requested 30 minutes whole 18 minutes over the time required therefore extend Mr due to high product quality on 48 minutes. And Yes, we know that every second counts in an emergency. Mitsch fire doors are made of flame retardant materials and are tested and the uA (match Austria) marked according to oNORM EN1634-1. Because the surfaces perfectly adapt to the spatial conditions fire doors fit optically perfectly into the overall. The modern building requirements are becoming increasingly complex. Theodore has established itself as a partner for carpenters, architects and planners in the door area successfully on the market. Whether single or longer-winged, safety, fire protection or but also panic doors, Theodore covers the entire range of doors.

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