Posted July 12th, 2017 by Suzy

If you have soil, imported, then scatter the ground on a site with a minimum thickness of 70-100 mm, and also give him the sludge, 7-10 days. Except of the imported soil is desirable to shed water to seal. After that you should loosen, and grind the soil rake. Keep the soil on the site has been allocated, smoothly, evenly, without holes, hollows and bumps. This is a very important and difficult moment. It is desirable to pull the thread along the section, and check the straightness. Watch and for the slope of the field, so to enable a free flow of rain waters. So as not formed pockets which can accumulated water.

It is very important, I spend quality and composition of the soil. If the soil imported, it is not advisable to take a KAMAZistov ad, and appeal to the landscape company and ask them for numbers tested suppliers. Why? In Kazan, virtually no conducted legal development of the fertile soil. Therefore, many KAMAZisty sin that illegally produce it from the fields of agricultural purposes. And this ground, besides that, depleted, merciless exploitation of the collective farmers, pesticides, and contains a lot of weeds. I once brought to the ground, as I understand, from the extension of the curb. You understand, not what good there can not be.

Besides making sure so that your soil is not turned peat, or mixed with manure in the soil seed burn b) Once your soil prepared before planting it should be compacted with a roller. This is a very important step unnecessarily contributes to good survival rate of seeds, and most importantly gives a smooth base of the site and creates a flawless look, and you should not miss it because of the lack of an ice rink. Rink consists of a cylinder with handles filled with water. It can be buy in the Ob costs about 5000 rubles. I understand that for a small site, not those who do not buy will not, so you better do it yourself from a piece of pipe, gas Bolon, drums, etc., passing a roller over the part until you get flat surface.

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