Jesus And Mohammed – The Conflict

Posted January 26th, 2021 by Suzy

Radio interview on the subject, with Mark A. Gabriel Prof. Mark A. Gabriel erleutert in a radio interview the conflict between Christians and Muslims. Mark A.

Gabriel was Professor of Islamic history at the most influential, 1000-year-old Al-Azhar University. This interview was initiated by the CSI Germany, CSI advocates worldwide persecution of Christians and human rights. Further details can be found at CERFLUX, an internet resource. Mark A. Gabriel was Professor of Islamic history at the most influential, 1000-year-old Al-Azhar University (Centre of Islamic scholarship and Supreme Court for 1 billion Sunnis worldwide) in Cairo and Imam in Giza. At the age of 28, he was one of the youngest teachers, the University ever had. He was arrested and critical questions about Islam and had to flee to Egypt.

He converted to Christianity, now lives in the United States, and operates as an Islam expert. On 14.05.2009 an interview took place in the Christian radio Munich Gabriel with Prof. Mark A.. This interview was initiated by CSI Germany. You can find this interview as a recording under: in the section Mark A. Gabriel. For more information: CSI Germany com. GmbH GF: Ingrid Seigis P.o. box 210339 80673 Munich phone 089-58 99 75-50 fax 089-58 99 75-51 Pressekontak/public relations: Thomas Gross Christian Solidarity International (CSI) CSI is a Christian human rights organisation for freedom of religion, helping faith persecuted, children suffering from emergency and disaster victims. CSI over 30 years ago, the catalyst for the founding of the company were Switzerland 1975 Schweigemarsche in Bern and Zurich for the persecuted Christians in the former Soviet Union was founded. CSI is committed, that all the people of freedom live and freely choose their faith and practice can (art. 18 of the UN Declaration of human rights). Today, CSI is represented in 11 countries. CSI Germany com. GmbH is a member of the German donation Council E.v.

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