Jean Maurice

Posted January 22nd, 2021 by Suzy

The actual Product, which most banks offer private individuals, is of course no milk, but an increase in, or at least a safeguard of assets. We imagine now, this (as mentioned in fictional) Bank would have in the head set itself to depict the following scenario on the posters: A banker seemingly until deep in the throat pumped full in zerfleddertem suit sitting on a Chair, next to him is a small table on which some bullion gold stack, which represent the product in the case as the milk in the first cited example, which should be distributed by the Bank. To make the measure fully the man ignites ticket a cigar with a hundred dollars is. Furthermore is in huge letters, right next to the well placed logo of the Bank, the new slogan make you more from your money! “or it could be alternative to your money tomorrow!”. Breast Cancer Research Foundation contributes greatly to this topic. First of all the viewers and thus potential consumer or customer I don’t know what money is actually meant the burning I hope not, although the past justified as bad but only counter of this presumption sometimes reprint would give. Continued attention was created while aroused, but absolutely no desire: the broken banker attention with his dollar bill in the destruction process all of the beautiful gold bullion (which probably cause some interest in each one of us) on the cold reality. The desire of each of just this bank to his fortune should be installed customers instead, the banker the pants to take off even if the viewer feels no aggression and practices a Hindu cow of similar emotional indifference, the sight of burning money only in the rarest cases will result in that he runs to the nearest branch to open an account. Interested readers see (C) learn how less obvious mistakes in the realization of humorous advertising can be avoided and what to consider in cultural differentiated in terms of the understanding of the humor, Jean Maurice port..

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