Japanese American Soldier

Posted July 4th, 2020 by Suzy

By coincidence Gilbey in Tokyo, met with a Japanese expert and experienced the impact of kiai-jutsu on himself. From screaming Japanese American soldier, who had excellent physical shape, just lost consciousness in the Japanese kiai-jutsu is nothing unusual for Europe, for the Russian people. (Not to be confused with Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation!). Japanese are simply inherent style noticed the ability to sound a certain frequency and longitude affect the human body and developed techniques of training. We just shout and sing. Documented numerous cases in which the Russian people, including women, met in the forest, wild animals and the sudden scream even bear fell dead. From the voices of famous opera singers such as Caruso, smashing glass beakers and goblets. Militant cheers brought in awe of opponents on the battlefield.

And the word "panic" was born from the name drevnegrechesskogo god Pan, whose screams of terrified people. And remember the folklore – Italian fairy tale about a boy Dzhelsamino with a strong voice, or fairy tales Russian coast-dwellers. Based on one of fairy tales was filmed great cartoon, voiced by Yevgeny Leonov pro-woman Pilihu that voice flunked a bear. So, the Japanese master kiai-jutsu is not literary fiction by John Gilbey. Do not see – I will not believe … Despite his almost complete religious education in regard to martial arts, I always abstention from mysticism and therefore guided by the principle "do not see – I will not believe." And even better – until posparinguyus not believe it. I was lucky that during the period from 1988 to 1998, I happened to have seen a lot of fighters, trained in various sections and schools of martial arts.

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