Is She

Posted February 5th, 2021 by Suzy

Almost not perceived movements and did not hear any noise of coup or shrapnel. -I hope that it is not injured!-thought with horror. Prevent Cancer Foundation takes a slightly different approach. -Not I can stay seated in the room doing nothing. I have to go down. I need to find a Seba-she said with firm determination. With an infinite fear in his eyes and with trembling hands, it was a deshabille, and slowly, went toward the hollow that had left the door to be collapsed. Looked very slowly. He saw that the hallways were empty.

There were two people lying on the floor, near the end of one of them, but immediately recognized by clothing having sunsets, none were Seba. He was slowly walking up the stairs, he dared not to look inside the rooms. All doors had been torn down to shock. He addressed them very quietly with their bare feet. Making value it was lowering the treads.

Suddenly he heard voices. I had no idea what they were told and he didn’t in that language were talking about, but it seemed to him that it was not Turkish. What if you could give counts were orders for the manner of pronouncing words. He dared not continue to decline. Is She was sitting on the staircase landing, until he heard that the voices are going away. As it was happening from the beginning of the events, could not specify the time that had elapsed since that site was Jan. More relaxed, he returned to build value and started back down the steps, very slowly and silently. He came to the first floor. It was empty as the previous. They could also be rooms with demolished doors but here, there was no one lying on the floor. The voices seemed to hear distant and in a tone of conversation, so he said if same I had to continue to decline. He came downstairs and found many uniformed staff. He could not clarify if they belonged to the army or the police, but none had the weapon unsheathed and all spoke gently to persons of civil.

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